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Is Drinking Coffee Good or Bad For You?

Find out if that morning latte or cappuccino is helping or hurting your health.

7 Ways To Keep Kids Focused During Homework Time

Make homework time a synch with these simple tips to help your kids concentrate on their studies.

How to Keep Your Kids Safe at the Pool

Why holding your breath for a prolonged period of time is a bad idea You’re stationed poolside while your kids are engaged in a game nearby, seeing who can hold their breath the longest underwater. It’s a busy community pool, but there’s a lifeguard, and your kids are all good swimmers, so you settle in…

The Simple Homework Station to Help Tackle the Homework Beast

This article, sponsored by Crispy Green, originally appeared on Fresh Mommy Blog and has been republished with the author’s permission. All opinions are the author’s own. Save yourself from headaches and stress on homework nights with a simple, and portable, homework station! Add in some healthy snacks, a plethora of school supplies and you’ve got a recipe for a…

October 20-22: Boo at the Zoo

Enjoy healthy treats and spooky thrills at this once-a-year event at the Smithsonian National Zoo!

What to Eat Before and After A Workout

Deciding what to eat before and after a workout can be tough. Dale Parducci, an exclusive personal trailer, gave us some facts on pre and post workout nutrition timing!

How to Build a Better Sandwich

We’ve all struggled with trying to make a healthy lunch for ourselves or for our kids. Sometimes the more convenient option is to buy lunch from school or at work and call it a day! However, that is not the healthiest choice. Thankfully, we came up with an easy infographic to show you how to…

Friendly Foods That Turn Harmful

“Fruits and vegetables are the key to healthy living” ..How far back can you remember hearing this? The nutritional benefits combined with multiple nutrients that boost our body’s immune system have been the backbone for just about every age. As parents, we are instructed on how many servings a day our children should be fed…

Free Printable Back to School Lunch Box Jokes

This article, sponsored by Crispy Green, originally appeared on Modern Mom Life and has been republished with the author’s permission. All opinions are the author’s own. I’ve partnered with Crispy Green to bring our readers free printable Back to School lunchbox jokes! Has the Summer flown by for anyone else? I feel like it was yesterday we were counting down…

Video: Are Fruit Snacks Healthy?

This seems to be a question that we’ve all asked ourselves at least once in our lives: Are fruit snacks healthy? Are they a good snack to pack in your kid’s lunchbox? Chris Freytag, founder of Get Healthy U TV, gives the lowdown on this topic. Back in the ‘90s, parents used to think that…