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Nix unhealthy, old habits and check out these 9 easy lifestyle changes you can make immediately.

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6th Annual Halloween Costume Contest!

Halloween is our FAVORITE holiday and we are celebrating with our sixth year of hosting an annual Halloween Creative Costume Contest! Dress up yourself, your kids, your pets – any and all costumes count! To participate, simply upload a photo of your creative costume below and make sure you are following us close on Facebook,…

The Secret to Successful Parenting: Finding Me Time as a Parent

Learn how to relax and recharge, even as a busy parent with a jam-packed schedule.

Crispy Fruit Dark Chocolate Bark Thins Recipe

Indulge your sweet tooth without the guilt and make this delicious chocolate bark at home.

Health Benefits of Trail Running

As the crisp air of autumn makes its entrance, there’s no better time to enjoy trail running. Whether you’ve never stepped foot on a trail or are an avid runner, the trails are a place of equal opportunity, and the time to give them a try is now. So, lace up your running shoes and…

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Pledge to Power Your Lunchbox and see how you can make healthy, delicious lunches for your kids!

Is Drinking Coffee Good or Bad For You?

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7 Ways To Keep Kids Focused During Homework Time

Make homework time a synch with these simple tips to help your kids concentrate on their studies.