Month: December 2016
Different vegan milks on a table. Hazelnut, rice, soya and almond milk. Substitute for dairy milk.

Which Plant Based Milk Is Best?

An article entitled “Which Milk Is Most Nutritious: Soy, Cashew, Almond or Coconut?” was recently published in the New York Times discussing the nutrient differences between popular plant based milk products. As a registered dietitian who often gives grocery store tours, I frequently get questions about the differences between cow’s milk versus plant based milks. […]

Man shopping in supermarket reading product information

5-Minute Hacks to Have a Healthier 2017

Nearly all of us are trying to eat healthier, exercise more, and make better choices for ourselves to have a healthy start to the year. Unfortunately, our busy days and hectic lifestyles often get in the way of our goals to make improvements for a healthy new year. The good news is that being healthier and […]

Salt for Kids

Is it Safe to Salt a Child’s Food?

When the editors at asked for my input on this New York Times article question, “Is it safe to add salt to a 5-year-old’s food?” my initial gut reaction is yes, everything in moderation. With that being said, the American Heart Association recommends that children limit sodium intake to 1,500 to 2,300 milligrams a […]

holiday weight gain

The Real Reason You Gain Weight During the Holidays

While it’s commonly reported that people gain about five pounds during the holiday season, normal-weight people often gain about one pound between mid-November and mid-January, but the problem is that they never lose it, according to research in the journal of Physiology & Behavior. Whether you gain one pound or five, it’s likely to from […]

how to beat jet lag

Natural Ways to Recover from Jet Lag

Ever feel out of sorts for day or two after flying across the country? You’re not imagining it. Studies have shown that jet lag is in fact the body’s natural response to the unnatural process of travelling across time zones in a short period. Our circadian rhythm–the same internal clock mechanism that tells birds when to sing–is […]

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