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Treadmill Workouts for Beginners

Whenever I think of the gym, I think of the same old boring treadmills – and whenever I think of treadmills, I think of the most dreadful and uneventful run I’m about to endure! Have you ever stopped to think about the different possibilities you have when using a treadmill? Especially the different treadmill workouts […]

Dancing with the Stars Workout

The sun is finally peeking out, the temperature is slowly rising, and the sky is beginning to become bluer and bluer.  Oh, and most importantly, Dancing with The Stars has returned giving any Monday the chance to literally rock (& roll). If you are anything like me, you are slightly—OK, very, envious of these incredible […]

Getting Back On Track & Eating Healthy

This article, sponsored by Crispy Green, originally appeared on Constancelyeating and has been republished with Constancelyeating’s permission. All opinions are the author’s own. Back on track it is! Literally and figuratively. It’s that point in the semester where you finally have a groove down and then spring break comes and messes you all up, but what can […]

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