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Eating Salmon Helps Support Brain Health

Did you know that what you eat affects your brain health in terms of functioning, development, mood and energy? Although the brain takes up only 2% of our total body mass, it uses about 20% of our energy resources…aka food! All the food that we consume breaks down into carbohydrates, protein and fats. From there, […]

Mad for Matcha? Try These 3 Delicious Recipes

Matcha is one of the healthiest green teas in the world, and including it in your diet can provide powerful health benefits. It contains polyphenols which have an antimicrobial and antifungal effect to help fight infections, as well as theanine, which can improve memory capacity, boost your immune system and enhance your concentration. It can […]

3 Healthy Snacks for the Big Game

The big game is almost here, and whether you’re hosting a party or bringing a dish to pass to a friend’s place, it can be tough to make healthy choices. We enlisted the Nutrition Twins, nationally recognized registered dietitian nutritionists and personal trainers, to share some touchdown-worthy snacks that are sure to score. Ridiculously Easy […]

3 Healthy Meals to Make with Your Kids

Getting your kids involved in the process of prepping food is a great way to introduce them to the basics of cooking, nutrition, and good eating habits.  It can even help some kids overcome picky tendencies when it comes to foods being served to them. When my oldest daughter started developing the “I don’t like […]

Cranberry Apple Muffins

INGREDIENTS  For the dough: · 3 Tbsp apple juice · 1/2 cup dried cranberries · 3/4 cup butter · 2 eggs (M) · 3/4 cup yogurt · 1/2 cup sugar · 1 packet of vanilla sugar · 1 cup flour · 2 tsp baking powder · 2 small apples · 2 Tbsp walnuts · 1 […]

Healthy, Homemade Soup in Three Steps

Now that it’s fall and the days are getting shorter and the air is getting colder, it’s the season for soup! Check out our new DIY Soup infographic that shows you how to create a signature vegetable soup recipe that will surely become a family favorite!  You easily determine the flavor output by what you put […]

Delicious Smoothies You’ll Want to Sip All Season Long

What if you could work more fruits or veggies into your diet while sipping smooth, creamy smoothies for breakfast, lunch, snacks or desserts? Look no further than these recipes, courtesy of Autumn Apple Cobbler (Pictured) This creamy beverage will call to mind apple orchards’ bounty turned into a warm apple cobbler. Put into blender […]

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