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How to Keep Your Kids Safe at the Pool

Why holding your breath for a prolonged period of time is a bad idea You’re stationed poolside while your kids are engaged in a game nearby, seeing who can hold their breath the longest underwater. It’s a busy community pool, but there’s a lifeguard, and your kids are all good swimmers, so you settle in […]

The Simple Homework Station to Help Tackle the Homework Beast

This article, sponsored by Crispy Green, originally appeared on Fresh Mommy Blog and has been republished with the author’s permission. All opinions are the author’s own. Save yourself from headaches and stress on homework nights with a simple, and portable, homework station! Add in some healthy snacks, a plethora of school supplies and you’ve got a recipe for a […]

How to Build a Better Sandwich

We’ve all struggled with trying to make a healthy lunch for ourselves or for our kids. Sometimes the more convenient option is to buy lunch from school or at work and call it a day! However, that is not the healthiest choice. Thankfully, we came up with an easy infographic to show you how to […]

Free Printable Back to School Lunch Box Jokes

This article, sponsored by Crispy Green, originally appeared on Modern Mom Life and has been republished with the author’s permission. All opinions are the author’s own. I’ve partnered with Crispy Green to bring our readers free printable Back to School lunchbox jokes! Has the Summer flown by for anyone else? I feel like it was yesterday we were counting down […]

Cantaloupe Fun Facts

What do you know about cantaloupes? For one, we know they are round and orange on the inside. What else? There are so many remarkable facts about cantaloupes that we aren’t informed of. Keep reading to learn more! Did you know… – Cantaloupes are considered a luxury and are commonly given as a gift in […]

Banana Fun Facts

Who doesn’t love bananas? We think we know everything about the foods we eat, but little do we know there are so many interesting facts that go unnoticed! Continue reading to learn some of our favorite banana fun facts. Did you know… – There are two fruits that can’t be milked OR juiced, one being […]

Apple Fun Facts

We all know that fruits are good for you and your health. But, do we know all the different facts about the fruits we consume? Keep reading to learn some interesting and eye opening apple fun facts! Did you know… – Apples will ripen 6-10x faster at room temperature than if they are refrigerated. – […]

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