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Halloween Candy Sugar Shock

Do you know the amount of sugar that is lurking in your favorite Halloween treats? If not, you may want to check out our Halloween Sugar Infographic below – pretty scary, right?! So, why not try something different this year? Click for Printable Infographic Although there are some completely sugar-free healthy Halloween treats out there […]

snack ideas for toddlers

7 Snack Ideas for Toddlers

If you’re busy running around with the little ones all day, we bet you’re always searching for snack ideas for toddlers that are both easy to eat and simple to prepare.  Toddlers are constantly growing and need healthy fuel to power through their day, whether it’s at home or at nursery school. Check out these […]

gluten-free snacks for kids

Gluten-Free Snacks for Kids

Does your child need to follow a gluten-free diet? According to an article on, “Because gluten helps make foods taste better and improves their texture, it’s also added to everything from deli meats to French fries. For most children gluten is completely harmless, with two exceptions. Nutritionist Tricia Thompson says, ‘Children should be following a […]

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