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how to beat jet lag

Natural Ways to Recover from Jet Lag

Ever feel out of sorts for day or two after flying across the country? You’re not imagining it. Studies have shown that jet lag is in fact the body’s natural response to the unnatural process of travelling across time zones in a short period. Our circadian rhythm–the same internal clock mechanism that tells birds when to sing–is […]

Halloween Candy Sugar Shock

Do you know the amount of sugar that is lurking in your favorite Halloween treats? If not, you may want to check out our Halloween Sugar Infographic below – pretty scary, right?! So, why not try something different this year? Click for Printable Infographic Although there are some completely sugar-free healthy Halloween treats out there […]

The Case for HIIT Workouts

As busy as life can be, getting in a workout might seem impossible at times. The good news is you don’t need fancy equipment or a lot of time to squeeze in an amazing sweat session. Actually, one of the best machines we can use for working out is the body itself, especially when training […]

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