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Friendly Foods That Turn Harmful

“Fruits and vegetables are the key to healthy living” ..How far back can you remember hearing this? The nutritional benefits combined with multiple nutrients that boost our body’s immune system have been the backbone for just about every age. As parents, we are instructed on how many servings a day our children should be fed […]

Video: Are Fruit Snacks Healthy?

This seems to be a question that we’ve all asked ourselves at least once in our lives: Are fruit snacks healthy? Are they a good snack to pack in your kid’s lunchbox? Chris Freytag, founder of Get Healthy U TV, gives the lowdown on this topic. Back in the ‘90s, parents used to think that […]

Treadmill Workouts for Beginners

Whenever I think of the gym, I think of the same old boring treadmills – and whenever I think of treadmills, I think of the most dreadful and uneventful run I’m about to endure! Have you ever stopped to think about the different possibilities you have when using a treadmill? Especially the different treadmill workouts […]

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