Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway to the grandparents’ house, or going on an adventure in a new city, these tips will help you get organized while traveling safely (and sanely).

Research Your Options

Research your options, and do it early, especially if you’re thinking about holiday travel in November or December. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to book a flight or get your train or bus tickets, in case they sell out early or become expensive as the date of travel draws near. And if you’re driving, you’ll want to review all of your routes to select the one with the least amount of traffic.

Be Prepared

When traveling with children, being prepared for anything and everything is one of the most important (if not the most important rule). You’ll also want to check the traffic before leaving or seeing if your flight, bus or train ride has been delayed. There are a ton of apps that you can download on your phone that will keep you updated as you make your trip from start to finish.

Avoid Busy Travel Dates

You’ll thank yourself for this later! Airports, bus terminals and highways can be a nightmare if you’re traveling the day of a holiday or the day before or after. If you have the option, we suggest traveling a few days prior to a big holiday weekend or school break or a few days after.

Pack Smart (and Light if You Can)

This one is tricky, but it will make your life a whole lot easier. No, you don’t need extra pairs of socks or four extra undershirts “just in case” if it’s just you and your partner visiting another city for a weekend. Stick with packing the essentials when traveling for the holidays will save you a ton of time and space, especially when you have to pack everything back up for the trip home! (That being said, this article on The Secrets of Traveling Around the World with a Baby on is a helpful resource on how to pack if you’re flying with a baby.)

Stay Fueled

Of course, none of the previous holiday traveling tips will be very helpful to you if you are a little ‘hangry’ on your trip! It’s very important to make sure that you fuel your body properly, especially if you’re going for a long ride. Pack travel-friendly snacks for you and the family to nosh whether you’re in a car, airplane, bus or train. Bring extra water bottles or empty refillable water bottles for the airport to stay hydrated during your journey.


One of the simplest, but often overlooked, holiday travel tips is to simply sit back, enjoy the ride and relax! Even if your travel plans are delayed, you still want to keep calm and not panic if you’re running late. Keep your cell phone charged so you can keep in contact with family members in case you experience a major delay

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