Is There Such Thing as “Super Foods?”

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Super Food

You don’t have to be a health nut to be acquainted with the term super food. From blueberries to broccoli, from kale to chia seeds, many foods have been crowned the super food title in the past decade by nutritionists, bloggers, doctors and anyone calling themselves a health expert. The term super food has become synonymous with a food that is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, may have fiber, as well as occasionally omga-3 fatty acids, and supposedly the more of these foods you eat the better you get. The market for super foods has exploded along with the claims of their mighty health powers, from fighting diseases, to boosting energy, to helping you lose weight, and even prolonging your life. Many consumers are willing to pay more for super foods because of theses perceived health benefits.

Before you open your wallet for these super foods you may wonder, “Do super foods really have all of these ‘super powers?’” Check out this video from New Scientist that looks into the scientific evidence of super foods while demystifying some of the health claims.

– By Angela Liu

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  1. Marggie

    There are a lot of healthy foods crowned super-foods, not because one expert says so, but because of the scientific proof behind these healthy foods. They contain highly dense nutrients. while some have a complete balanced whole foods. These reasons apart, the so called super foods gain their popularity, mostly because people actually eat these healthy foods and thereby noticing a profound positive effect it has on their well-being. Because they cannot keep the good news to themselves alone, they share. In my opinion, I think these super foods speak for themselves, and if you want to know if one super-food is good, or better than the other, Just try one of them and be your own judge.

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